26 InDesign Tutorials for Beginners: Layout Catalogs and Booklets

A selection of lessons in Russian on Adobe InDesign from Vadim Granich, who has been working on the layout of magazines and printed materials for several years.

These lessons will help you master the basic tools of the program to get started as a freelance layout designer.

Magazine cover layout tutorial in InDesign CC 2015

Indesign CC with Photoshop CC

Indesign lesson: keyboard shortcuts, part 1

Indesign lesson: keyboard shortcuts, part 2

Indesign lesson: keyboard shortcuts, part 3

Indesign with Illustrator. How to work in conjunction

Indesign settings. What options are important

Layout of business cards in Indesign. Lesson for beginners

Building a modular grid in InDesign. Very detailed

Tabs in Indesign and sharpening. Tabulation lesson

How to work with a table in indesign

InDesign – how to make patterns, patterns, ornaments

Indesign how to insert a picture into a text or frame

Modular grid of the catalog with photos in Indesign

Catalog with a modular grid in Indesign

How to make a marketing kit in Indesign

How to create a marketing kit. Advice

Indesign lesson – toning technique

Lesson of magazine layout in Indesign. Work with text

How to make a Euro booklet in Indesign

Typography – case studies

Typography – lessons for designers from life

How to make a marketing kit from scratch. Lesson for beginners

A lesson about icon font in Indesign

Brochure audit – manufacturing company

Typography in indesign. Posters lesson for beginners

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