25 signs of a stern designer


25 signs of a stern designer

How to know that you have become a real professional in advertising and design.

You can be called a frantic creator and a fan of your work if:

1. You almost crashed into a car in front while analyzing a billboard.
2. You deliberately inflated the price of the project, having sensed a bad client.
3. You perceive breakfast, lunch and dinner as annoying interruptions to work.
4. You no longer use the word “final” when naming files.
5. You love to hear nagging that a client’s budget is limited.
6. You cannot go to a restaurant without criticizing the menu design inwardly.
7. You have ruined a great idea at least once because the client considered himself to be a great professional.
8. You got drunk when you found out that it is impossible to find the desired picture with a resolution of more than 1000 pixels on the Internet.
9. You start to study the “cucumber” pattern on your colleague’s shirt instead of listening to it.
10. With your eyes closed, you press any combination of hot keys, but you cannot type a paragraph of text without errors.
11.You clean your mouse more often than you wash your car.
12. You always make only two options for advertising – as the customer wanted and how you came up with it.
13. You have “design nightmares” after you rework.
14. You knowingly give up when explaining the essence of the project to non-designers.
15.You see CMYK and RGB as Neo sees the Matrix. You can easily suggest the numbers for the corporate style.
16. You’re more likely to tidy up your desk than your sock drawer.
17. Looking at the ad layout, you first notice all the grunge brushes applied, and only after a couple of minutes you read the text.
18.You have ever wiped watermarks in Photoshop while sketching.
19. The total number of words you wrote in presentations exceeds all the words you read in fiction books.
20. You have at least once had to prove to the client that the contract did not stipulate “Come up with more options”.
21. The redness from the eyes subsides only on New Year’s holidays.
22. Have you ever called the system wait cursor. With unkind words.
23. You sleep in jeans. Before meeting with the customer, change the sneakers into the shoes to look more adequate.
24. You bookmark a new page more often than you go out to town in the evening.
25. You have an incredibly large collection of layouts and photos, and an incredibly unrestrained character.

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