24 interviews with designers: Creativity, career, life


24 interviews with designers: Creativity, career, life

It is hard to imagine designers who do not follow trends and what is happening in the world of design in the vastness of the CIS.

And it is no less difficult to imagine people who do not follow the work and achievements of their colleagues.

Today we provide you with this opportunity: among 24 speakers, we are sure that you will find a person who works in your field and will be able to learn something new for yourself from an interview with him.

Andrey Khusid (CEO of RealtimeBoard)

Anton Egorov (infographic designer)

Channelkit.com project founders

Pavel Shumakov (designer at badoo)

Alexander Laguta (graphic designer)

Andrey Manirko (Curator of the Educational Program of the Strelka Institute)

Pavel Muntyan (General Producer at Toonbox)

Sergey Popkov (founder of AIC.ru)

Ruslan Lobachev (Service Design Team Lead at CENCIPER)

Burton Rast (Senior Interaction & Software Designer at IDEO)

Anatoly Gromov (senior visual designer at Fjord)

Tobias van Schneider (Art Director & Lead Product Designer at Spotify USA)

Denis Nevozhay (product designer at Alcatel Onetouch)

Dmitry Karpov (curator of the CPD course of interactive design and new media at the BHSAD)

Alex Mamontov and Pavel Paratov (co-founders of the SUPER SILA game studio)

Oleg Chulakov (art director of the Oleg Chulakov Studio)

Dmitry Novikov (Lead Designer at MacPaw)

Oleg Turbaba (creative director of the St. Petersburg office of SFCD.com)

Eduard Hayman (co-founder of the Branch Point project and Mathrioshka studio)

Alexander Kirov (Product Designer at Pebble)

Artem Geller (project developer kremlin.ru, government.ru, etc.)

Roman Sidorenko and Alexander Kukhtenko (creators of the Pure application)

Anton Repponen (Co-Founder & Designer at Anton & Irene)

Andrey Karmatsky (Head of Geoservices Design Service at Yandex)

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