22 YouTube channels for designers and programmers


22 YouTube channels for designers and programmers

YouTube is growing, and more professional content is being produced every day. We have compiled a selection of 22 best channels about web design, post-production and programming. Each of them has a zest for which the audience loved them.

Subscribing to these channels will help you improve your knowledge in the field of creating interfaces, photo editing, working with vector graphics, as well as mastering the basics of programming in different languages.


The blog contains tutorials and intensives on Adobe programs, HR tips, master classes and training videos for programmers, designers and marketers, recommendations for building your own business.

Danil Fimushkin

Danil shares everything that comes in handy for novice web designers. He talks about trends, analyzes sites for mistakes, shares training videos that will be understood even by those who have never done design before. On his blog, he talks about how to become a webmaster.

School of Web Design by Maxim Soldatkin

On his channel, Maxim tells how best to set up Photoshop, what life hacks and loopholes exist, how to evaluate the quality of a design, choose fonts, pictures, videos and effects. His channel will be useful to those who decided to open their own business. Here you will learn about the intricacies of working with various clients, how to properly present your product and how to deal with taste.

WebDesign Master

Attention, the channel improves the skills of web designers and layout designers! In addition to dealing with standard technical questions, they often share inspiring podcasts about life and work, for example, comparing Windows or Mac, advising a freelancer how to prepare himself for retirement. Recommended for viewing.

Freelance blog. Web design

As it is already clear – the blog is dedicated to web design. The author talks about the hardware, working in Photoshop, about how to create projects for social networks and landing pages. Free webinars are often held here, where you can sort out questions of interest for a long time.

The futur

A great channel for designers and young entrepreneurs. The topics range from general business topics to typography, motion design, logos and techniques that will set you apart from the competition. Attention, the channel is in English.

Laith wallace

Author’s channel. Tools, advice and motivation for anyone learning UX or UI design. So if you’ve been thinking about a career in UX – feel free to subscribe! Attention, the channel is in English.

UX Hacker & Sketch TV

This channel focuses on working in the Sketch app and the intricacies of being a UX designer. If you don’t like wasting time watching long blah blah blah videos, subscribe to this channel. The average duration of one video is 2-7 minutes, all information is presented as succinctly as possible, at the same time it is understandable. Attention, the channel is in English.

High resolution

If you are wondering how the design works from the inside, subscribe to this channel. Here they share insights from the masters of their craft. For example, at High Resolution you will find out why AirB’n’B decided to use Stories, what Facebook “looks like” from the inside. Attention, the channel is in English.


On the DevTips channel, you will find a video about design and making money. The creators of the channel will tell you what difficulties they faced, and how it is easiest to overcome them. The guys analyze design trends and talk about what to prepare for in the future. Attention, the channel is in English.


A useful channel about front-end development. Here you will find various tutorials and lessons that will be useful to you in future projects. As the creator of the channel says, he started it to help people deal with the frontend: GreenSock, ScrollMagic, Skrollr, CSS3, HTML5, SVG and interactive projects. Attention, the channel is in English.

LevelUp Tutorials

Novice developers face a lack of basic tutorials. LevelUp Tutorials will fix this! This is where you get all the base you need. The creators of LevelUp Tutorials comment that there are a huge number of “click here, then here” channels on YouTube, but almost nowhere is it explained why this should be done. Attention, the channel is in English.

Sarah Doody

If you wanted to find out how designers are living now, go to this channel. Sarah will tell you how a UX designer really lives in the modern world, how to create the perfect portfolio, how to negotiate with customers and what you will not find in books or forums. Attention, the channel is in English.

Photoshop Training Channel

Collected here are various Photoshop-tutorials that can be used in design, retouching and even video production. All information is presented simply and at the same time clearly, so the channel is suitable for both a beginner and a reputable retoucher who wants to expand the range of their possibilities. Attention, the channel is in English.

Mir rom

This channel is dedicated to the development of printing, web design elements. Here they clearly demonstrate the techniques of building a composition, the choice of font and colors. Attention, the channel is in English.


This channel will be useful for both designers and those whose work is related to video content. The channel often shares tips for working with Adobe programs.


There are few Russian-language channels on YouTube, the creators of which share the intricacies of working with AI. The author of Atlantis set out to teach people how to work with Adobe Illustrator. And he does it quite well – more than 44 thousand people have subscribed to the channel with a narrow topic.

SM Films

Anyone interested in new techniques of editing and post-production – the entrance is required! The creators of the channel talk about how to quickly and efficiently make this or that effect. The most popular column is “Make in 90 Seconds”, where guys sort difficult things in just one and a half minutes. After their advice, you will become a montage god (maybe).

Expose UX

It’s not just a channel, it’s a whole web show. Its purpose is to show startups that anything is possible! The editorial office is contacted by startups that have problems, and UX specialists help to solve them. Attention, the channel is in English.


Another channel for young businessmen. Here you can find webinars, inspirational speeches, and videos about UX. Attention, the channel is in English.


One of the most popular channels for aspiring programmers. Here you can learn everything: developing games on Android, various operations and building programs through Python, Django and other programming languages. The only negative is the annual lull on the channel. Attention, the channel is in English.

Mackenzie child

On this channel, the designer shares all his secrets when creating landing pages, layouts, illustrations and doodles. If you thought that if you have only one iPad, you can not draw anything – you are mistaken! Mackenzie will show you how you can make professional illustrations with a tablet and stylus. Attention, the channel is in English.

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