22 lectures for designers from the art directors of the Lebedev studio


22 lectures for designers from the art directors of the Lebedev studio

There are only 5 art directors in Lebedev’s studio, who are responsible for supervising hundreds of projects that the studio deals with every month.

But, despite the busy work schedule, these people still find time to attend conferences and give master classes and lectures there, telling about their invaluable experience of working on a variety of projects.

In this collection, we tried to collect a wide variety of lectures from the art directors of the Lebedev studio, which will be useful for graphic designers, web designers, type designers, interface designers, logos, industrial designers and urban space designers.

Erken Kagarov

How can I improve my typography? Lesson about letters

About branding of territories and my personal experience

About the logo of Izhevsk and urban design

Creative meeting

Lecture on composition

Why do I like illusions

I am an art director

Timur Burbaev

About industrial design

Inside out

Texture factor

Ludwig Bystronovsky

Houston, we have a problem

What books are important for a designer to read

Houston, we’re doing well (not really)

Conversation with BHSAD students

Designer design


Design + 1

Artemy Lebedev

“How to set a goal and achieve results”

Lecture at NSU

Bali performance

Interview taperu

Is the client the enemy?

The art of provocation

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