21 useful webinars for designers


21 useful webinars for designers

A series of lectures, webinars and master classes from the Skillsup resource.

Every Thursday at 19:00 Skillsup.ru holds meetings with professionals in the field of design, advertising and digital.

Today, 21 lectures and webinars on design, creativity and advertising are already available for viewing.

How a designer gets a 100% guaranteed job of his dreams

LiveWebinar x Landingi webinar

Brand identity with a big budget

Sketching, UX and global fame

Infographics as an effective content marketing tool

Self-training of a designer or how to become the smartest

Freelance for cu or how to become # 1 for foreign clients

Interactive installations: how the design of the future is created

UX design: a portrait of your user

Infographic design: secrets of creation and sales features

Digital art basics, mistakes and tips when creating a collage

Appearance panel in Adobe Illustrator

4 designer skills to work with the world’s best clients

Practical tips for effective design: how to increase landing page conversion by 8 times

2016 digital advertising and web design trends

How a designer can find orders and work in Europe

Turbo designer: 33 tips on how to work more efficiently, time management for designers and photographers

Adobe Illustrator Workshop: Creating a Vector Illustration, Step-by-Step Lesson

Advertising agencies – how they work, how to get a job

How to become a web designer


How to use the photo bank?

How to become a successful designer

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