21 lectures from Dmitry Karpov for designers


21 lectures from Dmitry Karpov for designers

Dmitry Karpov – graphic designer, since 1998 has been working in the field of design and advertising in various positions.

He was a designer and director at Yuri Grymov Design Studio, collaborated with Yukos Oil Company and Art Lebedev Studio in the development of creative projects.

Below are 21 lectures by Dmitry, in which he shares the most important – experience!

20 minutes on modular design principles

20 minutes on symmetry and modular design principles

20 minutes about typography

20 minutes on web composition formats

20 minutes about interface and kissing

Dmitry Karpov’s luggage (2 parts)

Master class by Dmitry Karpov

How to work with “creative individuals”

20 minutes on visual language and communication

From Gutenberg to Metro Lecture fragment

Fragment of the seminar “The art of being the first”

Basic mental tricks in interaction design

Web design is dead. DIY resuscitation

Project design presentation. Recommendations to the art director

We take out the brain. Interactive objects in the city – aiming at benefit and emotions



Urban interactive facility

Digital Art Direction (2 parts)


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