20 Lessons for Architects on Rendering in Photoshop


20 Lessons for Architects on Rendering in Photoshop

Interiors, exteriors and architecture created in 3D graphics packages are of high quality, however, not perfect.

In order to remove all the roughness and imperfections, which almost not one 3D graphics package can do without, we suggest that you study these 20 lessons that will allow you not only to improve colors, lighting in your architectural works and visualizations, but also add some details that Photoshop is much faster and easier.

How to make a seamless texture in 4 clicks!

How to post-process an interior render in five minutes in Photoshop

How to make window light brighter in Photoshop

How to make corrections to a finished Photoshop image in 3 minutes

How to replace a piece of a picture in Photoshop

How to fix a picture in Photoshop in two clicks

How to do post-processing in Photoshop in 4 minutes

Visualization of the interior in 3D Max. How to make the ceiling white?

Architecture Illustrations: Frosted Glass via Photoshop

Photoshop Rendering: Wet Street

Architectural Landscape Tutorial

Architectural Interior Elevations Tutorial

Sketchup night rendering tutorial using Photoshop

Depth of field: photoshop architectural illustration tutorial

Architecture Illustrations: Snow Scene via Photoshop

Arch model pic editing tutorial

Architecture Illustrations: Landscape via Photoshop

Architectural Illustrations: Quick Sections

Architectural Illustration Tutorial: Adding people via Photoshop

Architectural Illustrations: Photoshop Landscape Tutorial

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