18 sites with free sources

A selection of 18 sites where you can always find source files for interesting projects, small illustrations, icons or interfaces.

Usually, a license is written next to each file, according to which this file can be used – be sure to read it.


Free design elements from Dribbble.

Search Dribbble for “freebie”. Priceless!

Attractive work done with care for every pixel.

Free and premium work for the professional community.

Material design artwork based on Google’s guidelines.

Free works for creative guys.

Free PSD works from Dribbble users.

Fresh free work for designers.

Download free psd every day.

The best free works from the sites Dribbble and Behance.

High quality work for cool people.

Free work.

Fresh free work on Mondays.

IOS 8 interface in PSD format (iPhone 6).

IPad interface in PSD format.

Graphic elements for everyone.

Free works, news and other information.

The most beautiful set of design elements for iOS.

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