17 Tutorials on Creating Low Poly Illustrations


17 Tutorials on Creating Low Poly Illustrations

We have collected almost 2 dozen lessons on creating illustrations in the infamous Low Poly style.

This style is characterized by high labor intensity, because each element of the illustration is unique and created individually.

The tutorials provide both step-by-step explanations of the process of creating illustrations in this style, as well as the technical features of triangulating the original images.

Low Poly Portrait in Photoshop

Low Poly Eagle

Low Poly. Portrait / Joffrey Baratheon

Adobe Illustrator. Low Poly Technique


Low poly graphics tutorial

Anwalker’s art hall PS lessons

ID Low Poly Illustrator: 1 of 3 – Wolf Paint

ID Low Poly Illustrator: 2 of 3 – Wolf Paint Animation

ID Low Poly Illustrator: 3 of 3 – The Fox

Geometry and Low Poly Art Photoshop Action Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator LowPoly Tutorial

How to triangulate an object

Polygon Portre Tasarımı – Mr. Robot

Low Poly Bristle Back Dota 2 # 1


Low Poly Bristle Back Dota 2 # 2


Tutorial Low Poly Triangulation – Photoshop Tutorial

Vector Polygonal Portrait Tutorial


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