14 Lectures for Designers with Dribbble Meetup 2015


14 Lectures for Designers with Dribbble Meetup 2015

14 wonderful lectures from the Dribbble Meetup held in Moscow in May 2015.

The speakers talked about how modern websites, web services and mobile applications are created.

Among the speakers: Dmitry Novikov, Oleg Andrianov, Dmitry Chuta, Zeplin Team and many others.

Dribbble Meetup 2015. Introduction

Dmitry Novikov – “Get busy with design!”

Andrey Karmatsky – “Maps and Data Visualization”

Dmitry Chuta – “Interactive Revolution 2.0”

Oleg Andrianov – “Optimization of the application development process”

Danil Krivoruchko – “How Urban Walks App Was Made”

Alexey Rybin – “Development of digital products as a level up for a designer”

Elena Lazutina – “From Complex to Simple”

Zeplin Team – “Zeplin Application”

Pavel Shumakov – “About design in VKontakte”

Anton Kartashov – “Prototyping on Facebook Origami”

Oleg Turbaba -: “Animation functions”

Evgeny Belyaev and Pavel Skripkin – “Resonator slicing tool”

Anatoly Gromov – “About visual design at Fjord Stockholm”

Igor Mustaev – “What is the power of chalk”

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