12 Affinity Photo Tutorials: Basic Portrait Retouching


12 Affinity Photo Tutorials: Basic Portrait Retouching

Affinity Photo – a strong competitor to the ubiquitous program from Adobe – Photoshop. With similar capabilities, Affinity Photo is more aimed at solving the problems of photographers than everyone: from illustrators to web designers, as in Adobe Photoshop.

This short course covers the process of basic portrait retouching – from adjusting the white balance to applying “cosmetics” and additional effects.


Dealing with Blemishes

Using frequency separation

Smoothing with frequency separation

Adding filters to frequency-separated layers

Removing large blemishes

Hair and Makeup

Fixing the eyes

Painting the lips

Painting the makeup

Strengthening the eyebrows

Adding clarity to the hair

Overall Enchacement

Strengthening the image with Curves

Smoothing with the Denoise filter

Strengthening the image with lighting


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