11 lectures on creating a web studio and organizing sales

A wonderful collection of lectures on how to organize your web studio and start getting your first clients.

Who will benefit from: Anyone who dreamed of creating their own studio (managers, designers, programmers, etc.)

What will you get from watching: After watching, you will learn about the first steps you need to take to create your studio, what difficulties you will have to face, how to establish sales and much more.

Enjoy watching!

We disassemble a business web studio piece by piece

New sources of income for web studio

Alexey Yozhikov (Kelnik) outlines the development trajectory of a web studio

Sergey Kotyrev, How to make a small web studio

How to organize a web studio from scratch and reach a turnover of 10,000,000 rubles

Sales and promotion for web studio / digital agency

How to promote a web studio

How to organize a web studio from scratch

UMI.Workshop: How to make a sales plan and not sweat

How to create your studio from scratch | Master Class

Top 10 mistakes of the head of a web studio

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