100 excuses for designers


100 excuses for designers

We’ve put together for you a list of 100 excuses about colors, fonts, customers, and more that designers use when something goes wrong in their work.

About inspiration

1. “This is how Apple does it.”
2. “This is from Material Design.”
3. “This is how it does … and the company has about 500 million users.”
4. “Everyone does it. We need to do the same. “
5. “Everyone does it. We shouldn’t do the same. “

About design

6. “I wanted to try something new.”
7. “I saw a project on Tumblr that looked exactly the same.”
8. “Better to leave an empty space here. Looks very clean! “
9. “We are the industry leaders. Sometimes we just have to take risks. “
10. “You are probably looking at the old version.”
11. “I got my master’s degree (took the online course, saw the tweet), so just trust me.”
12. “I just read some great stuff on Medium about this (actually only saw the headline.”
13. “Let’s get back to this question after launch (no).”
14. “The team really liked the design.”
15. “Our main shareholder liked the design.”
16. “Dribbble and Behance users love the design.”
17. “One retiree sitting on the couch at Starbucks loved the design.”
18. “You can choose functionality or beautiful form, but not all at once.”
19. “We can change our mind, I’m not married to him (our honeymoon starts tomorrow).”
20. “It’s like Uber for …”
21. “It’s like … (some kind of app that no one has heard of) for …”
22. “Let’s just add the graphs here.”

About animation

23. “It makes the design more fun.”
24. “It doesn’t flicker on my monitor.”
25. “GIFs are on the rise now.”
26. “All the best companies use parallax.”
27. “Don’t you think that design becomes boring without it?”
28. “It will be very easy for developers to implement this, so I’m not worried.”
29. “But if I upload it to PDF, nobody sees the animation.”
30. “Modern computers are very fast! The page size and the speed of its loading do not matter. “

About fonts

31. “You don’t seem to have this font installed.”
32. “Microsoft is notorious for poor font rendering. Nobody uses Windows. “
33. “I can’t show the TypeKit fonts, so you’ll have to wait until we get it done.”
34. “Your monitor must be too sharp.”
35. “The service will not look premium if we do not use this font.”
36. “Too shallow? Can’t you read this? “
37. “The text is already quite dark. I like the color … ”.

About flowers

38. “Your TV (phone, monitor, tablet) is probably not calibrated.”
39. “The brand’s color palette is too limited – we weren’t able to implement everything we wanted with it.”
40. “It’s more pleasing to the eyes.”
41. “I wanted the design to really stand out.”
42. “This is the Pantone palette of the year!”

About the choice of tools

43. “InVision has been playing pranks lately.”
44. “You are probably looking at the cached version.”
45. “Most likely, you have not synced Google Drive (Dropbox).”
46. ​​”It’s just a Sketch bug.”
47. “I updated the application and lost all the work.”
48. “These are in-app restrictions.”
49. “We are working with a free version.”
50. “Sorry, I’ve been updating Adobe software all day.”
51. “The software I use for design keeps dropping constantly.”

About development

52. “I think the developers are to blame.”
53. “Nobody uses Internet Explorer anyway.”
54. “This is a bug in Chrome.”
55. “This effect should be supported in the latest version of Chrome. The assembly came at night. “
56. “This is a draft in CSS.”
57. “It should be very easy to implement with this framework.”
58. “Clients never use it anyway (in fact, they must use it)”
59. “All of our customers use macOS and Chrome.”
60. “Come on, no one else is developing Android applications.”

When something went wrong at the presentation

61. “What do you mean” our projector does not support 4K “?”
62. “It is not necessary to keep the display brightness at minimum all the time.”
63. “Hmm, it didn’t look like that on my computer.”
64. “Don’t you have a retina display?”

When something went wrong in an email

65. “The letter may have ended up in spam.”
66. “I think the solution looks bad in preview mode.”
67. “The file is too large. I’ll show you next week. “
68. “Oh, I sent a letter to the wrong Peter Rozhdestvensky.”
69. “I just sent a letter (no). Didn’t you receive it? “
70. “My colleague had to send the files (shit, I completely forgot about them).”
71. “I forgot to add you to the copy (didn’t forget)”.

When a customer wants to know how the work is progressing

72. “I’m almost done, but I don’t want to ruin the first impression (I didn’t even start)”.
73. “We can fix these details in the code.”
74. “Let’s think about it later.”
75. “We designed the solution on the board in the office (I’m kidding you).”
76. “I didn’t want to distract you for unfinished prototypes.”
77. “This is not what you asked for, and I was afraid that you would get angry.”
78. “It took longer than I planned (I didn’t even start).”
79. “Sorry, my computer is lagging all the time today.”
80. “Can we hold a remote meeting today (so I can work on another project)?”

When the customer asks why the work has not started yet

81. “I cannot start until I have received all the requirements.”
82. “I cannot begin until we finish our research.”
83. “I can’t start until we document all the scenarios.”
84. “I can’t start until we choose the colors.”
85. “I cannot begin until we choose a name.”
86. “I can’t start until all 29 people join the video call.”
87. “I watched the Apple presentation.”

When the customer didn’t like the design

88. “We can always change that (but we won’t).”
89. “This is not the final version (this is it).”
90. “We should use the hamburger menu.”
91. “We will definitely not use the hamburger menu.”
92. “This was not in the original requirements (I deliberately missed it).”
93. “Rules in design exist to be broken.”
94. “I was detained by the developers.”
95. “You’ve just never seen anything like this before.”
96. “This is what your sketch looked like, isn’t it?”
97. “I just did what the project manager told me to do.”
98. “We will solve this problem in the next sprint.”
99. “This is better than it was.”
100. “We’ll just add this dialog.”

Original: ustaliy.ru

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