10 ways to spice up your creativity


10 ways to spice up your creativity

Translation of “10 ways to jumpstart your creativity” by graphic designer Tammy Coron on 10 practical ways to get out of your creative crisis and find inspiration for your next project.

We can’t spill creative ideas all the time – but you can use your “downtime” to ignite your natural creativity.

When people ask me what I do for my living, I answer – I work as a creative specialist. But what does this mean? What does a creative specialist do? The answer is simple – he creates! Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not easy to be creative. Sometimes we need outside help to kindle a “spark” of creativity in ourselves. Over the years, I have worked out several techniques for myself to help me cope with the task!


And here they are, 10 ways to turn your idle time into your creativity.

1. Don’t try to be perfect

Perfectionism is one of the main enemies of creativity. Try to stop striving for perfection and let your creative side be unpredictable. And when you worry about what will happen in the end, you just ruin your creativity. For example, a writer can spend invaluable time and energy writing a single perfect sentence when he misses out on the opportunity to write down the ten sentences that are spinning in his head. Go with the flow; in the future, you can always fix all the shortcomings.

2. Dream

Daydreaming and fantasizing may seem like a waste of time, but don’t let this stereotype stop you.

Need help? See where you can get started:

Imagine that you are sitting in a booster chair. In the captain’s chair! Your task is simple. Fly your rocket through the Galaxy and rescue the inhabitants of the planet Sny.

Or try this option:

Look out of your window onto the street and imagine that the whole world is captured by zombies, and you are the last hope of humanity.

3. Walk more often


If you have the opportunity to take a walk during the working day, then do not miss this opportunity. Walking – like any physical activity – is great for good brain function. And while walking, try to dream as well – this is what we talked about in the previous paragraph.

4. Observe people

Observing the people around them – writers, for example, helps develop their characters. It’s also a great way to rekindle your creativity.

Create stories in your mind about every stranger you see. And the more details you come up with, the better. This is a great trick, believe me!

5. Browse the Internet

Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the most popular platforms for inspiration. There are so many talented people in the world – study their profiles on the Internet and see what they create.

6. Watch documentaries

I know this may seem like a strange way to spice up our creativity, but documentaries often give us the opportunity to see what’s going on in other people’s heads. It’s also a great way to set yourself up for positive thinking!

Some of my favorite documentaries are The Pixar Story, I Know That Voice, and Indie Game The Movie.

7. Chat with the kids / play a game

Become a child for a while. This method not only allows you to quickly get inspired, but also takes your communication with children to a new level. I highly recommend the Munchkin game for these purposes.

8. Listen to music

For me personally, this is just an obligatory item. The key is to find the right music, as well as the right volume, so that the music doesn’t distract you.

9. Read short stories


Not all of us have enough free time to devote it to reading a major work. In this case, you can read small stories and stories, small stories. As a rule, they are all fairly easy to read and have a fascinating plot.

10. Get a notebook

You never know where and when inspiration will overtake you and a gorgeous idea will come to mind. Therefore, get yourself a special notebook for such cases and carry it with you at all times. Do not worry if the thought you wrote down is not fully thought out in some aspects. They can be developed in the future.

Of course, you need to write down your brilliant thoughts not just anywhere, but in a beautiful original notebook, the appearance of which will already inspire you. For example, here’s a vintage leather-bound notebook. And if you’re an avid tech fan, download one of these excellent note-taking apps: Best iPhone and iPad Apps.

Translation: Inna Sobchuk
Original: creativebloq.com

Cover photo: ShutterStock

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