10 video lessons for those who want to master drawing and illustration

A compilation of 10 videos in which practicing illustrators and animators talk about the basic principles of illustration that any artist should remember.

Also, these videos will be useful for those illustrators who want to try their hand at CG, i.e. in creating graphics for cinema.

The main themes of the lessons:
● Fundamentals of illustration: How to learn to draw
● Master class: Mastery of illustration
● Basics of drawing in Photoshop for beginners
● Painting a drawing on a computer
● What is a graphics tablet for and how to choose it
● How to start learning to draw
● Lesson on drawing a head in Photoshop
● CG Stream. Oleg Shekhovtsev
● Anatomy and proportions of the head for artists
● Concept artist and his role in product creation


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