10 most popular video reports from 404fest 2013


10 most popular video reports from 404fest 2013

In Samara, the 404 Festival is held every year, where different people come and share their experiences. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the 10 most popular reports from the 404 Festival for 2013.

1. Meeting with Jovan Savovich

Jovan Savovich says, Maxim Spiridonov asks

The host of the analytical program “Runetology” Maxim Spirodonov will conduct a live interview with the founder of the well-known collective blogs Derti and Leprozorium.

2. What’s the Power Distance in your company?

Sergey Kotyrev, UMI, St. Petersburg

High PD or authoritarian regime. Low PD or anarchy. Middle way or balancing on a rope.

3. How to make a metro map

Ilya Birman, Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau, Chelyabinsk

Approach, where to start, why it is difficult, Lenin Library, diagram and text, let’s go, price of movement, balance, river, monorail, Kakhovskaya, a hole over Barrikadnaya, green pasta, line thickness, Krasnogvardeyskaya, transplants of the same name, construction, Butov compression, Latin , Dobryninskaya, swing, list, war with a grid, red pasta, type size, Lublin, Riga, Lenin’s Library, more type size, Kievskaya, rounding radii, designation Ring, ears, deadline.

4. Visualization Kung Fu

Tanya Misyutina, Data Laboratory, Moscow

At Data Lab, we come up with unusual and incredibly effective ways to present information and solve the pressing problems of runners, marketers, traffic analysts, honest voters and other guys with their help. This will be the story.

5. Urban projects

Ilya (zyalt) Varlamov, Urban projects, Moscow

I will tell you about comfortable and uncomfortable cities and what residents need to do to change the situation.

6. Millions for a crappy interface

Denis Novozhilov, NetKraker, Moscow

Many of us have met the interfaces of Oracle, SAP, Amdocs, Siebel and other monsters – “product companies”.

Sincere surprise. How to use it!? Poor call center employees, engineers, accountants.

When you accidentally find out that the introduction of this system and the license in total cost numbers with seven (!) Zeros, the hair begins to move not only on the head.

“No, well, at least with six zeros! Our studio will make it an order of magnitude cheaper and everyone will gasp at how convenient it is! “

Let’s say it does. Of course they will gasp. And after a while they will return to the product company.

We tear off the veils from the riddle of the number about seven zeros.

7. Organize Yourself: Practicing Getting Things Done Into My Life

Ruslan Fazlyev, Ecwid, Ulyanovsk

One year with Getting Things Done: Ecwid has tripled to become the top e-commerce solution on Facebook. Our flag is at Lenin Peak, my articles are in Forbes.com and TheNextWeb. Business meetings in Boston, San Diego, Warsaw, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Luxembourg, Austin, Phoenix and Zurich. I’ll tell you how the GTD system helped the guy from Ulyanovsk to do all this in one year – and how you can make it a part of your life.

  • Stress-free performance: how GTD differs from time management workshops
  • Components of the GTD Process: How I Do It
  • Tasteful delay: the best procrastination is organized procrastination
  • Paper, pen and software: how to organize your own GTD
  • GTD and Pomodoro: there is never enough concentration
  • GTD and Mindmaps: what to do if you don’t know what to do
  • GTD and Team: Organize Yourself – Organize Others

8. Motivation of employees

Dmitry Agarunov, Gameland, Moscow

Ideal remuneration system, selection rules and probationary period.

  • How to understand the true motivation of an employee?
  • When to fire?
  • Simple rules on how to select employees.
  • Simple rules of the probationary period.
  • Ideal wage system.

9. What do suckers really need to teach?

Olga Pavlova, KB “Sobaka @ Pavlova”, St. Petersburg

Post-graduate employee. Or after the decree. Or after a long work, who the hell knows where. Or even escaped from the house managers. How should we prepare our kamikaze, who will do it and where on this path lie the sudden underwater rake?

The report is based on the mostly funny, but sometimes tragic experience of involving young and old newcomers in IT projects, hungry for retraining, professional growth and crazy money.

As a bonus, let’s discuss what these suckers actually suck. And how to wean them from tasty things.

10. Is a web studio also a business?

Alexander Bogdanov, AGIMA, Moscow

There are tens of thousands of web studios in Russia. Some are born and die, most simply exist and only a dozen or two studios really make money. How to get into this top ten?

  • Never deviate from strategy;
  • All people! Invest in relationships;
  • If you want to become a market leader, create it;
  • Distribute your forces, otherwise you will burst;
  • Money is the fuel of progress;

PS: By the way, don’t forget that the 7th 404 Festival will take place on October 4-5, 2014.

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