Top 3 Coming Soon Plugins for WordPress

Top 3 Coming Soon Plugins for WordPress: Easiest Way to Get a Big SEO Boost

The coming soon page is not required for every business, but it can be used as a brief stopover to get a head start on your marketing and earn some exposure. With it, you can discuss your brand, product, yourself, or anything else that will encourage visitors to return after your website is live.

It is vital to inform them of the exact day on which your website will go public. And you can do that by giving them a clear timetable by including a countdown timer, which you can implement with the help of some of the plugins that we will mention.

If you are bringing traffic to this website, you should start collecting email addresses. A line of communication should also be included. Email or social media are the two most popular options.

By adding that channel of contact, you can collect feedback from your visitors or customers. If they have any queries or problems, they can quickly contact you. Another crucial thing to include is a social media sharing button to make it easier to share the information.

By far, the best way to construct a coming soon page on your WordPress website is to use a coming soon plugin. This approach is useful when you’re developing a new site on a live server and don’t want to publish it until it is finished.

Many free and paid WordPress coming soon plugins may be found in the WordPress Plugin Directory. This article will show you which ones are the top three coming soon plugins

The Top 3 Coming Soon Plugins for WordPress

1. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin Landing Page

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is incredibly simple to use, contains only the functionality you require, and includes themes that are appropriate for your brand. You can create a homepage for your internet-based business in seconds with sophisticated, readily adaptable templates that suit and adapt to any niche and category your website may fall in. Without altering a single piece of code, you can wow your clients and visitors.

With the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin’s built-in tests, reviews, and guidelines, you will be on the top page of search engine results in no time. Even when you are working on it, only the visitors can see the fresh new website.

They will be able to do so with ease, thanks to the Secret Access Link function. The Coming Soon  & Maintenance Mode plugin will push readers into your automation, CRM, webinars, and advertising software. It shows you how your site will appear in Google’s search results in real-time. This plugin performs over 20 experiments with different parts of your Search engine optimization and gives you actionable advice every time.

Even if coming soon is enabled, you can still choose to show the standard site to search engines. Even if you are making your website with Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, Visual Composer, or some other web maker, you can still use this plugin. You can choose between a snapshot or an interactive video background.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin Themes

Choose from over 300,000 images in their gallery, or create your own custom Background Image Size. You have the option of displaying it at its initial dimensions, resizing a photo to make it completely visible, or covering the full screen. There are 27 different Instagram filters to pick from.

They provided 9 predetermined photo positions to make it much easier for you. Instead of the picture, you can use whatever backdrop color you wish, or you can include any video clip that will be muted and replayed.

Make sure visitors understand what they need to write in the email field by including a placeholder. Place a subscribe button and alter the wording to increase the number of subscribers you get. The countdown function of this plugin is quite useful. Assign a Countdown Date/Time that will be used to count down the days until your launch.

This plugin lets you change the size of the countdown number to make it more or less obvious. Choose the perfect color to complement your website’s aesthetic.

You can make the countdown indicator barely visible or put a spotlight on it, adjust the color palette, and type whatever you want on it. This plugin allows you to further customize your coming soon page. If you are familiar with coding and HTML, you can use Custom HTML Only.

If you select this setting, the plugin will skip all other modules, background, and content settings and just display the HTML you specify. To put it another way, you’ll be given a fresh design to work with. CSS reset settings will be added automatically.

2. UnderConstructionPage

UnderConstructionPage Plugin Landing Page

New templates for the UnderConstructionPage plugin are released often, so you can find whatever you like. They include everything you might need for your website. All niches are included, from marketing and homepage sites to coming soon and maintenance pages.

In seconds, you’ll be able to utilize it on your website as well. The best thing is that the drag-and-drop builder allows you to fully customize it without any trouble, even if you are a complete beginner. If you are tired of clumsy builders with far too many choices that obstruct your work, this plugin is right for you.

This page creator is basic, user-friendly, and has the features you will need to create coming soon pages quickly. UnderConstruction Page offers over a million gorgeous photographs in HD and 4K formats that can be searched on the plugin dashboard. It is great for creating your homepage, maintenance page, or coming soon page from zero.

With UnderConstructionPage, you can analyze and monitor organic traffic and promote them on social networks or with your associates to target traffic that converts the best.

UnderConstructionPage doesn’t have to take control over your web system, only the top page or any other page you want, allowing you to completely control. Customers who bought a PRO license and activated it can contact customer support via the plugin’s built-in contact page or the standard contact form.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance Plugin Page

The Maintenance plugin allows the WordPress website owner to close the website for maintenance. They can also mark it as “503 Service temporarily unavailable”. It enables you to create a replacement page with no registration. You don’t need to worry as all of the changes may be turned off in the options menu whenever you want.

On all devices, you can easily adjust the design you want your visitors to see. Effortlessly add your logo, a backdrop image, a specific color, and some text. You will get a retina-ready HTML/CSS design using this plugin which allows easy customization.

You will not have to bother about the design because you will already have a full-screen background and a blur background effect. The Maintenance plugin allows you to upload your logo and change colors, fonts, icons, and the backdrop with just a few clicks. You can include a title, headline, and content in your text.

The maintenance plugin is linked to Google Analytics. That is a great feature as it can provide you with information on the traffic you receive while working on your WordPress website.

It is possible that you’re working on a specific page and do not want to display anything else. You can use this handy plugin to keep certain pages out of Maintenance mode. Enable the Send no-cache Headers option if you don’t want the preview of the coming soon page to be remembered by Facebook and other platforms.

The social media preview (seen when sharing the web’s URL) will be updated as soon as you return to the actual site. With the option activated, ordinary visitors will not detect any changes.


When working on our websites, we occasionally make substantial changes to the content and designs, and if we keep the site up and running while tweaking things, we risk having a damaged website in front of the visitors.

If you are planning to create a WordPress website or are currently working on one, you should consider including a coming soon page. This allows you to engage with your audience, receive key insights, and begin gathering email addresses for future marketing needs.

Choosing one of the plugins mentioned in this article will make your life easier. You will be able to install the plugin in a matter of seconds and be ready to go back to optimizing your WordPress website.