Test the text

Test the text Is an information style text validation. The purpose of a text in this style is to convey information to the reader. For example: news, instructions, technical descriptions of goods. There are no unnecessary words, emotions, personal opinions in informational texts. They are easy and fast to read. The information style is not always suitable, but if you master it, all of your writing will become better.

Such a text check for “information content” is useful not only for copywriters who write specialized texts to describe high-precision equipment, but also for designers. After all, the work of a designer does not end at all with creating beautiful and attractive elements of a website, their correct arrangement, and layout of the text. Working with the text itself is also important, because the basis of graphic design is content, and the most popular way to convey it is text., created by Anatoly Larin, highlights words in the text that are not typical for the information style and explains what to do with them.

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