Summarize and analyze meetings with an AI assistant

Productivity is the most important aspect of any business. High productivity characterizes successful teams and companies and defines their culture of excellence. Improving the workplace environment becomes easy with Instaminutes. Exceptionally sophisticated tools and assistants based on artificial intelligence will give a helping hand to anyone who needs to summarize and analyze meetings.

To increase productivity, employees record conversations and draw upon their key points of it because nothing carries the same importance or priority levels. It often takes a significant amount of time to reflect on the material as a whole and highlight the key points. So-called real-time and interactive notes are there to help the teams save time and reach their goals much faster.

Meeting People

Instaminutes is the greatest tool that covers all the important aspects of improving productivity. With its Chrome extension, users get their hands on the discussion summaries and highlighted segments in a single click. Powerful AI software will automatically highlight the key points of the meeting. Not only that, it brings a whole set of options that make sure you summarize and analyze meetings quickly. Innovative features include allowing training of the AI assistant in a way that will ensure better results and generation of greater summaries throughout the time. Unlike its competition, Instaminutes doesn’t require much effort to connect to any of your favorite or known tools used for online meetings on any device.


To synchronize the work with Google, MS Teams, Zoom, or others, all you need to do is sign in and connect your calendar to the application. That one single move will allow optimal performance of Instaminutes through the meeting platform you desire. Sometimes, a better understanding of clients and customers requires a deeper insight into conversations that you had. For that reason, Instaminutes offers you to check the stats on the dashboard easily.

If you tap into auctionable conversational insights you will get the data regarding the key points of the meeting as well as the information on the speaker and speech duration. An additional feature enables serious improvements in the field of conversions and engagement of clients. The tool comes with advanced recommendations that can help you get more activity and interactions from your clients and customers.

Having a lot of meetings can sometimes be hard to handle, especially time-wise. The tasks like reaching out for the right data and information are not easy when there are different topics and numerous speakers involved. However, Instaminutes offers additional convenience and gets it done in seconds. The search is fast with the advanced filter that let users focus on specific categories such as topics, length, or speakers. Being able to listen to your summaries on the go and easily run through the key points and action items makes this tool the number one choice for many.

Networking and exchange of insights within the team can bring additional benefits to productivity. For that reason, Instaminutes prepared an easy transfer of users’ summaries to CRM, where they can discuss and communicate further on the issue. Not only that, you will be able to safely store important notes and recordings in the cloud, where you will have full control over access to the data.

Sharing the key points of the meetings significantly improves the understanding and enhances the communication of team members on what is the most important at the given moment. Keep in mind that with Instaminutes, anyone can streamline their workflow.

In its core essence, Instaminutes is here with a clear mission. The goal is to let the users easily handle the process of meetings’ summary creation and analysis. It stands out as a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool, and all it takes is the installation of its Chrome extension.