Michael Mikalko “Creative hacking. How to see what others do not see “


Michael Mikalko “Creative hacking. How to see what others do not see “

In his book Hacking Creativity, Michael Mikalko discusses genius and creativity: should a genius multiply six-digit numbers professionally in his mind, or is genius the ability to think outside the box and come up with breakthrough ideas?

This question is asked not only by scientists, but also by many researchers of the human brain and memory, however, there is still no consensus on this issue.

Michael argues that a genius is someone who finds a new perspective that no one else has used. But looking at the problem from the point of view of past experience is also a wrong approach. he often leads the wrong way. To solve a problem creatively, a person must move away from the original approach based on previous experience and completely redefine the problem.


It is the topic of thinking outside the box and studying the problem “from all sides” that Michael Mikalko develops on the pages of the book “Hacking Creativity”: from a detailed consideration of the practice of changing thinking and leaving the comfort zone “to think like others”, to drawing up a plan for solving any creative problem, like a mathematical equation – with clear conditions, criteria and an unambiguous answer.

Who is this book for

If you want to master a technical approach to solving creative problems, Michael Mikalko’s book “Cracking the Creative” is a great choice. After reading this book, as well as completing at least a hundred simple learning tasks, you will understand how to look at the tasks in a new way: now you can break any task into subtasks or even several separate tasks for their sequential solution.


Strange as it may sound, but I also highly recommend the book “Cracking the Creative” to heads of departments of any organization. Michael gives very good advice on how to organize the work of a team: from building relationships in a team to building a process for rewarding employees. Like any other task, the task of properly organizing the work process requires a considerable amount of ingenuity and creativity from its performer.

What this book teaches

In his book Hacking Creativity, Michael describes in detail dozens of different principles that can be used to solve almost all problems: from drawing an associative array for finding ideas “on the surface,” to studying a problem in more depth and creating a whole strategy for solving it.



I will not underestimate: if you have never used Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats before, or Heinrich Altshuller’s TRIZ theory or anything from this area, it will be a hell of a thing to master in one day the principles that Michael Mikalko promotes in his book. hard. But do not despair: as I wrote earlier, almost every approach to problem solving given in the book has practical exercises that will help you master a particular principle.

Download the book “Cracking the Creative”

Download for reading the first few tens of pages of Michael Mikalko’s book “Cracking creativity. How to see what others do not see “, please follow the link.

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