Free video course “Picture in 4 steps”


Free video course “Picture in 4 steps”

Vitaly Yushkov recorded a series of video tutorials on creating a technical illustration in 4 steps: how to come up with an idea, how to implement it most correctly and where to find the necessary image references.

1 lesson

How to approach the process of making a picture. How to save hours of your creative time on aimless wandering from idea to idea and drooling in vain.

2 lesson

Making sketches, you not only “in the process” choose the best option for the arrangement of photo stocks on the canvas, but also develop basic composition skills. And it’s worth a lot.

3 lesson

Pen-tool clipping, building simple shadows, cool filter for removing noise, light and contrast levels, color balance, special effects.

Bonus lesson

To turn your idea into a full-fledged picture, you need quality photo stocks. This is such a painful topic for beginners that I decided to give this lesson a separate bonus.

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