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Weblog — an outdated Ghost topic for the new brilliant time of publishing content to a blog.


Madly quick. This might be the quickest Ghost subject in the known universe. Weblog scores 98/100 on Google pagespeed. The landing page loads in milliseconds. This sort of execution makes your blog rank higher in web indexes, implies more individuals read what you need to say, and saves you — and your perusers — cash.

Prepared for Ghost 4.0 and past. With weblog, your blog is prepared for what’s to come. I’ve been coding hand-made Ghost topics since the main public arrival of the writing for a blog stage. This topic fuses what I’ve realized structure and keeping three past subjects.

Set with brilliant defaults. All that you’d anticipate from a Ghost topic is there. You get a landing page with an antiquated rundown of posts, sensible metadata underneath the title of each post, a little creator bio toward the finish of each post, a menu with a rundown of connections, a pleasant page for each tag, an amiable email select in structure, and then some.

Overly secluded. Weblog utilizes handlebar partials to break things into flawless, independent modules. Add and eliminate usefulness without code-medical procedure.

Neatly coded and completely remarked. The code is quite spotless, and W3C legitimate.

No swell, no bling, no trade offs. What makes the weblog topic extraordinary isn’t the highlights it has, yet the superfluous highlights it doesn’t have. Weblog isn’t in reverse, however it adopts an Amish strategy to what’s neccessary. It looks rural, yet don’t be tricked: the acceptable stuff is all in the engine.

No JavaScript. Believe it or not: not one line of JavaScript. This implies no slippery following. No investigation. No beautiful except for uncertain symbols, diverting movements, or extravagant text styles to hinder your blog. Simply words. Words that can be seen on any gadget. Words that can be perused on an Apple IIe. Words that can be perused from order line, text-based programs. Words that will stand the trial of time.

No remarks. Bid farewell to flamewars toward the finish of each post, interminable control lines, and swelled, following loaded outsider remarking motors.

No CSS preprocessors. Backtalk? Less?? Pointer??? Not a chance. Downright old quick, dependable CSS. Also, very little of it, by the same token.

No data transmission hoarding stock photographs of individuals in suits drawing on whiteboards. You can utilize pictures in your posts, yet you don’t need to top your posts off with superfluous stock photographs just so your topic doesn’t break.

Rough excellence. Weblog has no bling, yet the basic plan has its very own tough stunner: the magnificence of capacity. The magnificence of something that has one work, however does it well. Also, nowadays, that is interesting. When was the last time you saw a site this legitimate lookin’?


The renegade. The speed crack. The geezer. The protection nerd. The solitary individual. The eco-cognizant. The magazine that needs individuals to have the option to peruse its news coverage on a flip telephone during a typhoon.

Is it for you? Investigate and choose your opinion. Furthermore, if this topic is too old-school, look at my different subjects, Mnml (http://github.com/curiositry/mnml-phantom topic) (free) and Laminim (https://creativemarket.com/Curiositry/1037280) (premium).

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