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Vogue FX is an assortment of presets for Adobe Lightroom that encourages style picture takers to make their shots one of a kind and eye catching! It contains a few mouse-made and expertly planned presets. The Vogue FX is something you should use to cause a photograph to feel more popular and tasteful.

Vogue FX Presets is exceptionally simple to utilize. It needn’t bother with you to change anything. Only a single tick to give your photographs the state of mind and style. Besides, you can change the individual settings of each presets and alter the preset. This implies that your inventive prospects is essentially ceaseless. For the cash, Vogue FX is an incredibly extraordinary worth!

This assortment presently contains 42 profoundly enhanced presets.

21 Vogue Filter Presets.

21 Toolbox Presets.

Try not to spare a moment to purchase this item since it’s truly enchanted, amazing, inventive and simple to utilize.

Upheld File Formats:

Crude arrangement

Advanced Negative configuration (DNG)

Altercation Format

JPEG design

Photoshop Format(PSD)

This item is viable with adobe lightroom 3, 4,5,6 and lightroom exemplary. This item isn’t upheld in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

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Last Update: 27.03.2021
Released: 08.03.2021
Version: Compatible with: Adobe Lightroom File Type: LRTEMPLATE, PDF
File Size: 7.23 MB
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