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Do you adore making consistent rehashes, however your Photoshop work process takes ages and makes you crazy? It is safe to say that you are worn out on speculating, computing and doing the rehash by hand?

Stress no more, I made an overly helpful arrangement that will slice your responsibility down the middle and let you appreciate the example making measure in Photoshop without doing it by hand. At last!

Presenting the SEAMLESS PATTERN FIX activity tool stash for PHOTOSHOP!

The opportunity to make more examples and complex rehashes definitely quicker and all the more significantly, rehash objects with a single tick!

This SPF toolbox was work to deal with whatever report size and goal you pick, so no more math and speculating. Simply make an archive, place your craftsmanship on the corners or edges and hit one of the Seamless Pattern Fix activities and BAM, you have your item rehashed consistently!

No ascertaining, no math, no Offset apparatus, no fine art cutting and repositioning by hand. Let this little tool compartment accomplish the difficult work for you, and spotlight on what makes a difference the most, your design, design stream and making a gazillion rehashing designs, less the drawn-out, tedious advances you needed to do previously. 🙂

CHECK THE VIDEO – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abP8EBsI1ak


♥ I. Consistent Pattern Fix set which incorporates the accompanying activities:

Duplicate to EDGE – will duplicate and move a solitary chose layer, bunch or various chose layers that are situated on one edge and rehash them to the contrary edge to hold the consistent impact.

MOVE to EDGE – will move a choice ( bunch, different layers or single layer, ) that is situated on one edge to the contrary edge. Note: Move just, it will not duplicate your choice.

CORNER FIX – The action(s) I love the most! Corner fix will duplicate a solitary or various chose layers or a gathering ( of layers/objects/work of art ) that are situated on two edges on the double and rehash them along the excess edges to hold the consistent rehash.

Review REPEAT – Will allow you to see your example in a hurry. 🙂 No compelling reason to make design fills or duplicate, glue and orchestrate tiles by hand. Simply click on the activity and it will duplicate the obvious work of art ( including foundation on the off chance that you don’t shroud it ) and glue it to one more archive to see the consistent example at either half or 25% size, depending of the activity you run.

♥ II. Duplicate and Move – by % set which incorporates:

MOVE by % – This activity will move a chose layer, various chose layers or a chose gathering of layers by half or 25% as an afterthought you pick.

Duplicate and MOVE by % – This activity will move a duplicate of the chose layer, different chose layers or a chose gathering of layers by 25% or half which comes helpful while making half drop rehashes and so forth

♥ III. Turn and REFLECT only a reward set contains a lot of standard devices that may come convenient en route. 🙂

REFLECT Will mirror your item either vertically or on a level plane, depending of the activity you pick

Turn by 90° or 45° will pivot your determination either by 90° or 45°, clockwise or counter clockwise.

♥ QUICK GUIDE included,with establishment directions and activity outline, models + how to utilize.

❗️NOTE❗️This activity set is right now viable with Photoshop as it were.

Made in Photoshop CC17, tried and working in CC18 just as CS5 so it should turn out great in different forms as well, if not, let me know and I’ll discover an answer. 🙂

❗️IMPORTANT ❗️Please note that because of a Photoshop bug, the HALF DROP module ( reward update ) is presently NOT viable with Photoshop CC19 and CC20. This PS bug doesn’t influence the ordinary SPF activities.

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