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Orange Theme Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Presets and Photoshop Filters ACR

This preset gives rich, warm and soaked tones with a little blur. It’s turns out consummately for outside pictures, nursery, field and sky! Very filmish and exemplary with a touch of fun!

This set incorporates:

4 Presets for Lightroom and Photoshop (.xmp documents)

OT – The base of this whole bundle

OT+ – the first OT preset with an expansion in openness for more obscure pictures

OT – the first OT preset with a lessening in openness for more brilliant pictures

OT Contrast – a form of OT with more differentiation

4 Presets for Mobile Lightroom (.dng documents)

As a little something extra you will get our “Essential Tool Kit” with 64 Tool Presets to help you right your white equilibrium, contrast, immersion, clamor, sharpness, brilliance, and so forth

They are for issues that were not fixable in camera. These can be stacked on top of your presets as a finisher to help accomplish the ideal alter.

These presets looks best on open air photoshoots, representations and imaginative pictures. Each preset has been planned by an expert photographic artist to look extraordinary with a wide assortment of pictures.

This item accompany establishment directions.

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Last Update: 27.03.2021
Released: 16.03.2021
Version: Compatible with: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom File Type: XMP, LRTEMPLATE, DNG, PDF
File Size: 1.27 MB
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