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About the Product

The module is an augmentation to the free WordPress Support Ticketing module “NanoSupport”: https://wordpress.org/modules/nanosupport/

This module will empower your client to look through the Knowledgebase of NanoSupport while presenting another ticket. There is a custom hunt structure accessible to look through just the Knowledgebase archives.

The module possibly works when the module ‘NanoSupport’ (v0.6.0+) is introduced and initiated.


Essentially plug and play – no settings required

Search the Knowledgebase archives while presenting a ticket from Front End

Search the Knowledgebase archives while presenting a ticket from Admin Panel

Search just the Knowledgebase archives from custom hunt structure accessible on top of Knowledgebase

Adaptable layout progressive system (you can abrogate format from a subject or other module)

Clean information base messes when the module is uninstalled/erased

Instructions to utilize

A definite User Manual with pictures gave the item, referencing every one of the subtleties.


Backing is FREE. The inserted User Manual noticed how you can get support.

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