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Simple to Customize

Alter/Add/Remove Buttons

Alter/Add/Remove Social Icons

Alter Profile Pic, Name Description

Alter Copyright Text

Alter Button Colors and Link Colors

Responsive (Mobile and work area well disposed)

Little File Size

More alternatives soon (slopes, light/dull template, button shapes, and so on)

This is basic, negligible, simple to utilize html/css format. Use it as a beginning stage/system for your site. Change out the picture, text, and catches with something pertinent to you. What you see is the thing that you get. Use remarks beneath for questions/support. Appreciate!

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Last Update: 27.03.2021
Released: 27.03.2021
Version: Product Specs Created: May 14, 2019 File Type: CSS, HTML
File Size: 2.13 KB
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