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In a flash download directly from your PC 4 novel presets that will give you that excellent look you’ve been needing. This Pack of presets will accelerate your altering and give you consistency. Incredible for Portraits, Bloggers, couples and voyagers.


Moment download of 4 Presets for Lightroom

More splendid Whites 1

More splendid Whites 2

More splendid Whites 3

More splendid Whites 4

Establishment Instructions

Significant: These Presets are for DESKTOP Lightroom ONLY!

4 Lightroom Presets

Completely Compatible with Lightroom 3 – 8 + Both CC Versions

Moment Download

Viable with JPEG and RAW Images

Because of changes in lighting, camera setting, and style, you may need to roll out slight improvements to every photograph subsequent to applying the preset. Kindly reach me in the event that you at any point need any assistance with altering. I’m generally eager to assist.

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Last Update: 27.03.2021
Released: 16.03.2021
Version: Compatible with: Adobe Lightroom File Type: LRTEMPLATE, PDF
File Size: 459.85 KB


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