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This is a Pack of 30 Polaroid and Fuji Instant film enlivened presets for Lightroom and Photoshop. This Pack is viable with Lightroom and Photoshop, JPG and RAW pictures.

I made our Instant Film Pack to reproduce the vibe of our moment film pictures from our Instax and Polaroid Land Cameras. I love the appearance of Fuji 100 C Film and the vibe of Polaroid 600 and Fuji Instax. I attempted to imitate these looks in Lightroom and ACR. These presets make an assortment of Instant FiIm looks with cool shadows and warm features, polished grain free look (grain can be added with our change presets), cool features and warm shadows, blurs, splendid features and rich blacks. This pack works extraordinary on a wide assortment of pictures and can be effectively changed watch the video here: https://youtu.be/6Uzl_GZb8IE


30 Professional Lightroom Presets viable with Adobe Lightroom 4 – 7 and CC Versions

30 Professional Photoshop ACR Filters viable with Adobe Photoshop CC Versions

Viable with JPG and RAW Images

Viable with both a Mac and PC

Definite Installation Instructions For Lightroom and Photoshop

These presets are just for Adobe Lightroom on a Mac or PC Only. The presets will quite often require a little tweaking to get right. The two things to change are Exposure and White Balance, I have included change presets to assist you with changing the white equilibrium and openness just as the grain.

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