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Profound Atmospheric Landscape Looks This arrangement of presets was made by photographic artist @erychist. Erik attempts to give exceptional profound state of mind to the spots he visited, so the individual who takes a gander at a photograph can feel this vibe of the unstoppable force of life.

These channels are ideal for scene photography and shady pictures. Mountains, timberland, covered up lakes – that is the thing that we love such a huge amount about nature. This preset pack allows you to play with your picture as you like. From vintage style to profound Bavarian woodland look. In the event that you like profound climatic look of your pictures, this pack is ideal fit for you! In this download you will discover an assortment of alternatives that will suit totally unique shooting conditions, from metropolitan to scene, from pictures to sythesis.

More from Erik Chistov: “My life quote changed, since I began my movement venture. “Our Planet is our home. So for what reason would we need to remain in one room, bolted without help from anyone else?” Not quite a while past I was sitting at home and pondering, how you can go around the globe and make the most of your visit in this great Planet so regularly.

Presently I know, that it is just a boundary in your brain, which doesn’t let you to do that. Photography came to me along with my experiences. I need to show to the remainder of the world, what we are absent. Perspectives, state of mind, environment, those lovely nightfalls.

This pack of presets allows you the entire day consistently probability to alter your shots differently, beginning from agreeable light alter measure, winding up with different sets, joined with inclinations, which gives you extraordinary Atmosphere of touchy catch. I attempt to make each and every shot of mine to glance profoundly in mind-set and climate of wild. You generally can change each and every preset. Same with slopes. Remember, that preset gives you extraordinary look, yet it is important to give it some essential rectification, as openness, shadows, white equilibrium and differentiation.”

Item Features

16 travel presets for Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile

Presets in .lrtemplate/xmp and .dng designs Atmosphere of being somewhere down in the woodland Deep green and blue shadings All year tones Cold/warm tones of the sky and in general creation Free assistance documents and backing Description of Filters

Rich – (Preset made for regular use. It gives you slight vintage look with fly of blurred grapefruit tone and yellow touch. Useful for )

Back to 70s – (Sometimes its about vintage grainy look right? This channel gives you that old style look, with added grain and need of sepia tones. Contains 2 angles which attempts to change sky splendor and level of the base picture)

Bavaria – (Brings up the splendor and lucidity to the picture , ideal for adding those fresh pieces to the scene picture.)

Blue lake – (Deep blue tones, cold environment and fresh look)

Breath of Slovenia – (My number one preset, everything being equal. Simply attempt it, and you will see the wizardry)

Cold day – (Disaturated blues and cold virus greens causes it to feel , that you are in a blustery day of November.)

Haziness V – (Perfect preset for dim pictures, when you need to make a highlight on 1 point, covering the remainder of the shot with profound obscurity and mind-set. Contains 3 angles which you can change by your necessities)

Drop of Autumn – (When you need those harvest time tones to truly flaunt. Gives you vivid foundation of oranges, greens. Blue light is dropped down, so the sky will look fresh and nitty gritty)

Blurred town – (Sometimes you need to blur the shot, so the entire picture looks total.)

High country – (Deep look of you shot due to slopes, which you can change as you wish. Contains 3 flat and 1 angle. In a perfect world works with photographs, which contains at any rate a trace of orange/yellow look. Simply attempt it, and you will see)

Wilderness – (Gives slight purple tone to the sky. Rich green tone. You effectively can become any green scene into your own Jungle)

Territory see – (Slight blue tone and yellowish foundation provides for this preset exceptional look. Browns are desaturated, so you can change them to the skin tone. Works stunning with scene shots, which contains rocks, dazzling green grass and shady sky with bit of sun.)

Quiet Hill – (Gives you that superb look of blue timberland, which you need to enter, regardless.)

Smokey Haze – (Literally attracts the haze the sky, because of the angle. At whatever point you need to add that hazy look to your shot, utilize this preset and change hazy inclination by your necessities.)

Urbania UC – (When it comes to road photography, why not to attempt cold tones of the roads with fly of those yellow vehicles? Unsaturated tones and cold look separated of yellow shadings makes it Pop more than ever. If at any point your shot contains a greater amount of yellow tone, essentially change yellow tone in “Shading” by diminishing immersion.)

Yellow Italia – (Not just dim tones should satisfy you, however warm summer look too. This channel gives precisely what it says: it gives that late spring look to the image, those warm tones you can feel just by taking a gander at the shot)

Item Compatibility This item is viable with any rendition of Adobe Lightroom 4-6, Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile. Appropriate for altering photographs taken in RAW and JPEG design. In the unit, you get directions for establishment, use and documents for help.

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