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Our Chakra Symbols Vector Set accompanies 14 totally one of a kind high quality plan components!

All outlines are vector-based and simple to alter with essential Illustrator information.

  • 2 Styles to browse, one including Sanskrit and one straightforward adaptation. Both shading and white adaptations included (for hued foundations).
  • 14 Unique Chakra Symbols Vector Set:
  • 2 Styles: Simple and Sanskrit Version
  • 100% Vector-Based

Moment Download

Simulated intelligence, EPS and PNG Files Included

White and Colored Versions Included

Goes immaculate with our Polarity Background set: https://creativemarket.com/skyboxcreative/606857-Polarity-Space-Backgrounds

An Introduction to Chakra Symbols

In Sanskrit, the old language of India, the word ‘chakras’ means ‘wheels’ or ‘vortexes’.

Chakras are the unpretentious vitality communities (wheels of turning vitality) inside us that incorporate our genuineness with our musings, feelings and otherworldliness.

The Seven Major Chakras

  1. first: Muladhara – Red, Root Chakra
  2. second: Swadhisthana – Orange, Sacral Chakra
  3. third: Manipura – Yellow, Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. fourth: Anahata – Green, Heart Chakra
  5. fifth: Vishuddha – Blue, Throat Chakra
  6. sixth: Ajna – Indigo, Third Eye Chakra
  7. seventh: Sahasrara – Violet, Crown Chakra

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