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About the Product

Craftsman is an insignificant contributing to a blog topic for Ghost with an emphasis on intelligibility.


* Fully Responsive

* HTML5 and CSS3

* Disqus Comments Support

* Google Analytics Support

* Multi-Author Support

* Highlight.js Syntax Highlighting

* Documentation Included

Textual styles

Craftsman falls back to utilizing the “Helvetica Neue” textual style, anyway to make the topic look as great as conceivable we suggest including the “Proxima Nova” text style. You can utilize a help like TypeKit.com to incorporate it.


In the event that you at any point need any assistance simply give us an email at support@dev7studios.com and we will hit you up quickly. Our help hours are 9am – 5pm GMT.


2014.08.22 – adaptation 1.0.0

* Initial delivery

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