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3 Hyperreal Lightroom Presets

These Lightroom presets will bring out emotional surface, detail and difference in your photographs. Ideal for pictures of men, engineering and different templates where bunches of surface, difference and detail are wanted. Each Lightroom preset was tried with numerous photographs and painstakingly acclimated to make an excellent outcome with a solitary snap.

13 hyperreal Lightroom presets

Likewise incorporates a solid honing preset to be utilized as a discretionary last advance.

Viable with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, 7, Lightroom Classic and CC (Creative Cloud).

Viable with both Mac and PC.

Deals with RAW and JPEG pictures.

Completely movable.

Snap on FAQ beneath for establishment guidelines.

Broadened permit consequently included

Hyperreal Lightroom presets included: B&W Blue Duotone, B&W Matte, B&W Purple Yellow Split-Tone, B&W w/grain, B&W Warm Duotone, Color Blue, Color Cross-Process, Color Drab, Color Intense, Color Matte Drab, Color Matte, Color Natural, Color Warm and 1 Strong Sharpening (discretionary last advance)

Lightroom presets must be utilized in Adobe Lightroom and will not work in Photoshop.

Whenever installment is created you can download the Lightroom presets immediately.

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