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ADOBE LIGHTROOM MOBILE + DESKTOP PRESETS These presets are ideal for lifting and featuring the tones in food photography! Each preset is centered around an alternate tone and attempts to light up your shot to look proficient.

Incorporates 10 remarkable presets, in addition to a guide on the best way to download and introduce. Each preset arrives in a Desktop and Mobile adaptation.

AMERICANO Used for heating up earthy colored tones, while lighting up your shot.

BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE Saturates blues and purple tones, offering a general cooling impact to the chance.

DUMPLINGS I Perfect for shots on white surfaces, this preset will light up your photograph and spotlight on the features and whites.

DUMPLINGS II Applies high difference and brilliance to your shot, ideal for photographs with splendid features and dull shadows.

GREEN CURRY Perfect for enhancing the green tones in your shot! Use for plates with a great deal of verdant greens, limes, and topping.

Four leaf clovers This is your go-to preset for lighting up and immersing all shades of your shot!

MARINARA Will immerse red tones and add an inconspicuous brilliance to your shots.

Delicate SCRAMBLE Brightens yellows of your photograph, in addition to adds an unpretentious splendor.

STRAWBERRY YOGURT Brightens up the general shot and adds a warm, pink tone.

TIKKA MASALA Saturates orange tones and adds a higher difference to your photographs!

Contingent upon the lighting of your photograph, you may require extra slight changing after the preset is applied, yet likely changing the Exposure will fix it! Don’t hesitate to message me on Instagram @nikidegoey on the off chance that you have any issues with downloading or introducing the presets!

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