Bridge over the abyss: 18 lectures on the masterpieces of world art

Paola Volkova’s author’s project dedicated to the masterpieces of fine art.

“The idea of ​​such a TV program came up quite unexpectedly,” said Paola Dmitrievna. – I was preparing a multivolume scientific work on the history of European art. The book has exactly the same title – “The Bridge over the Abyss”. It was based on the lectures that I read to my students at the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors for many years.

But it so happened that one of my students, Andrei Zaitsev, had an idea to turn this course of lectures into a TV program, to air the talks. The title for both the book and the program was not chosen by chance, because the image of the bridge is the image of world culture, without which we would not have taken place as a civilization. “

Giotto’s “Kiss of Judas”

Andrey Rublev “Trinity”

Botticelli “Spring”

Diego Velazquez “Meninas”

Michelangelo “Tomb of the Medici”

Leonardo da Vinci “Saint Anne with the Christ Child”

Hieronymus Bosch “Ship of Fools”

Albrecht Durer “Melancholy”

Rembrandt van Rijn “The Return of the Prodigal Son”

Vincent Van Gogh “Night Cafe”

Pablo Picasso “Guernica”

Kazimir Malevich “Black Square”

El Greco “Funeral of the Count Orgaz”

Theophanes the Greek “Assumption of the Virgin”

Renoir “Portrait of Jeanne Samary”

Raphael Santi

Salvador Dali “The Last Supper”

Claude Monet “Impression. Sunrise”

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