6 of the Best WooCommerce Plugins in 2022

7 of the Best WooCommerce Plugins in 2022: Make Sure Your Online Store Is Up to Snuff by Using These Tools

Online shopping is already a daily routine for most internet users. If it is done right, it creates huge benefits for entrepreneurs and customers. WooCommerce is the best and the most popular platform for online business.

It is a straightforward platform with many advantages. However, business owners can come to the point where WooCommerce cannot answer some of their requests for store improvements. But luckily, many plugins can extend WooCommerce functionality.

Plugins keep online stores competitive and alive. If you add the right plugins to your store, you can expect better results and a smoother website. On the other hand, if you make bad choices, your online store can act slowly and be more complicated or less attractive, which will affect your profit.

Therefore, you should be careful with your WooCommerce plugins. This article will present you with some of the best WooCommerce plugins that will help you with your decision and make your online store a top seller.

7 of the Best Woocommerce Plugins in 2022

1. WooCommerce Order Export

WooCommerce Order Export Pro

WooCommerce Order Export plugin is the best plugin for managing orders from your store. It is a very simple and easy-to-use plugin that helps you not miss any orders from your customers. It has a free and PRO version with a long list of advanced features like a orders quick search feature.

Or the ability to create very detailed filters about orders data to get the wanted results. Filters are not just about the products but also all the shipping and paying options. Along with filters, a user can also decide how to create export reports. With the option of customizing what should be included and how to arrange the selected columns.

Those order export reports are always available. Before getting the final file, there is a Preview Button, which helps in controlling and editing the export in case something is missing. A user can request the export when it is needed, or he can schedule it at the desired time. They can be automatically and quickly exported and stored on the server or mail as CSV or Excel format files.

2. WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

Table Rate Shipping is another very useful plugin for an online store. It has a very simple user interface. Table Rate Shipping plugin helps with managing everything related to the shipping products.

With this plugin, you can be sure that every desired shipping service and rule will be considered and included. It lets you define and write the shipping label shown in the cart. That shipping can be based on the total cost or weight of the package. Furthermore, you can create other rules and include or exclude other fees or taxes.

Besides the free version of the plugin, they offer a PRO version with more powerful features. There, you can create many shipping rules based on your preferences or products. Those rules can be sorted into different classes, and also every shipping method can be shown or hidden depending on the cart content. This plugin offers amazing benefits, and yet it is so simple to use.

3. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce


Smart Coupons For WooCommerce

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is a coupon plugin in WordPress that lets you create coupon discounts and giveaway products on your WooCommerce store. This coupon plugin offers some extended coupon features for your store. The plugin has a free version and a premium version with some additional features.

This plugin lets you create BOGO offers (Buy One Get One) and set different BOGO variations like Buy Two Get Two, Buy Three Get one at a 50% discount, etc. There are some advanced coupon features like bulk coupon generation and countdown discount sales banners available with this plugin.

With this plugin, you can set advanced coupon rules and restrictions to limit coupon usage in your store. There’s also an option to offer store credits and discount coupons that will help you gain more sales conversions. You can also send store credits or gift coupons from the store straight to the recipient’s inbox by simply entering the email address.

4. Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce is another simple but powerful plugin for any WooCommerce site. It contains over 100 amazing features that can improve the performance of your online store.

Booster for WooCommerce is accessible to everyone because of its simple user interface. The user can apply as many features as he wants, which then makes the visitor’s search more comfortable. Many features are related to the product presentation. Product descriptions and labels can be assigned individually or globally.

Another interesting feature is its ability to display all currencies and exchange rates next to the prices of the product. Surely, Booster for WooCommerce can boost your online store with all of these available features.

5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular plugins on the market. It helps millions of people to make a better rank among the competitors’ sites. It has a free and premium version with many tools and extended functionality.

With its features, it guarantees a better website with stronger content worth returning to. Its SEO analysis and useful suggestions let you structure your content with useful keywords and data, which is needed for search engines. After that, if the optimization is successful, your online store will show great results very quickly.

6. WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce Payments

WooCommerce Payments is one of the must-haves on your WooCommerce online store. This plugin shows how payments can be simple and easy. If you apply it on your site, your customers can pay you directly there without taking extra steps or including other payment methods.

With this plugin, you can manage all your transactions, track cash flow, and view all payment details. WooCommerce Payment is a simple plugin with a very intuitive user interface.

7. Mailchimp for WooCommerce

Mailchimp for WooCommerce

Mailchimp is a marketing platform for managing email communication and email marketing campaigns. Since you want to have a good e-commerce marketing strategy for your store, you may consider Mailchimp for WooCommerce as your first choice.

This plugin allows you to have an automatic synchronization with your account and your mailing list. Then, you can send emails about your campaigns and discounts, contact your customers after their purchase and ask for feedback.

In addition to that, MailChimp for WooCommerce offers mails with product recommendations. Also, it tracks user behavior and purchase history and sends emails related to it.

This plugin shows detailed reports on your email marketing strategy. It helps you to decide if you need to apply changes to your strategy, which would improve your WooCommerce store.


Every WooCommerce store needs to be constantly improved so that it can stay competitive and bring in new customers. These plugins are the best WooCommerce plugins that can help you increase the functionality of WooCommerce.

They are simple and easy to install and apply, and the results are amazing.