Austin Cleon “Show Your Work”


Austin Cleon “Show Your Work”

ostin_topic In fact, the full title of the book is “Show your work. 10 ways to get noticed “… And this is the second book by Austin Cleon, which was published in Russia quite recently and, I am sure, will enjoy no less popularity than the first book “Steal like an artist”.

This time Cleon decided to talk not about the creative process (this is what his first book Steal Like an Artist was about), but about how to show his work to the world. It does not matter at all whether you are a representative of the creative profession or any other, today the main thing is to be “heard”. After all, you may well have unique skills or abilities that people may need, however, they will never know about you if you do not declare to the world about yourself and what you can do.

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Austin Cleon “Show Your Work”

What is this book about

Perhaps for someone it will seem like another set of tips from Cap, however, I have not yet met such a collection of useful information on the Internet 🙂 So, this is a book about how to show the world your creations, and it does not matter in what area you are working. The main goal of the book is to remove the fear of all aspiring creators who are racking their brains over the question of where to publish their portfolio and how to find their first clients.

Who is this book for

No matter how trite it sounds, this book is also for beginners who are just choosing the path of development in the artistic direction. If you have been working in this field for at least 1-2 years, then, alas, you can buy this book only for the collection on the bookshelf. The rest you already have to know.

However, for beginners, the book will be very useful, because, as I mentioned above, this is a collection of useful tips that will not only help you find your first clients, but also warn you against spending $ 100 on some paid resource for posting a portfolio (on the Internet hundreds of free analogs that are just worth looking for and understand why you need them).

Compared to “Steal Like an Artist”

If we talk about comparison, then, of course, the format of the book remained recognizable: square on the outside and with large fonts on the inside 🙂 And this is good, since no one ever had any complaints about the interior design, although the text was in the first the second books, a maximum of ten pages.

The ease of reading has also been preserved. The book is read in just a couple of hours, but there is plenty of information in it, so I advise you to reread it at least once more, highlighting the chapters that are most important to you.


As always, the book is available for purchase at Ozone (cost 600 rubles), as well as in many offline stores.

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