9 lectures to help the aspiring designer


9 lectures to help the aspiring designer

9 interesting lectures that are really worth watching, especially if you are now finishing your studies at the institute in all kinds of creative professions or want to do design or advertising.

1. Vasily Lebedev, creative director of Red Keds: The Way of the Digital Samurai

I recommend this lecture for viewing to absolutely all advertising students, PR specialists, managers, and in general to those who are now studying but are planning to work in this area. Quite seriously – look, it is excellently told about work, about salary, and other difficulties of newcomers. A couple of years ago, I would have loved to see it myself. to have more brains 🙂

2. Rodion Arseniev, Red Keds: Real design for an unreal world

3. Denis Bashev and Denis Astakhov from SILASVETA company talked about their mapping projects

It was about the use of cars, robots, physics, kinematics, space in the show, how the geometry of the wall and the car is played out, and, of course, about interaction with customers.

4. Alexey Ivanovsky, Wos.ru, Openspace.ru: Just a very interesting lecture about the presentation of material, the positioning of creativity and other important things

It’s rather unusual to listen to at first, but be patient, as the material is really very good. I learned a lot for myself.

5.Sergey Shapiro: Open lecture at the Wordshop Academy

6. Aram Mirzoyants: How to stimulate creativity

7. Vova Lifanov: Stole, drank, to design!

8. Dmitry Karpov (BHSD): Presentation of the design project. Recommendations for the art director

Dmitry talks about his own method of project presentation, construction and systematization of arguments, hypotheses and research results for a convincing presentation of the project to the client. A summary of the methodology for developing your own techniques and building the logic of project thinking and communicating with the client.

9. Stas Polyakov – How do I learn to do special projects

Enjoy watching!

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