75 Photoshop Basics Video Tutorials for Beginners


75 Photoshop Basics Video Tutorials for Beginners

We have compiled for you a selection of lessons for beginners who want to learn Adobe Photoshop, starting from the very basics: the program interface, panels and tools, layers, working with color panels, and so on.

The collection contains both lessons aimed at mastering the toolkit of the program and its capabilities, and applying the knowledge gained in practice: creating simple interfaces, photo manipulations, retouching.

Introducing layer masks

What’s new in Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

How to install brushes

Photoshop Basics for the Web Designer

Selections tool

Clone Stamp tool

The Eraser Tool and Its Secrets

Brush (color swap) tool

Frame Tool


Curves. Bar graph. Contrast

Ask a Pro. What Photoshop is capable of

15 lessons for beginners: tricks, nuances, secrets

Creative retouch

Flat design of a simple mobile application

3D abstraction using Blender

How to draw a ribbon

Practical lessons from TastyTuts

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