6 Useful PHP Tools for the Everyday Web Developer

6 Useful Php Tools for the Everyday Web Developer: Don’t Waste Time With Sub-par Tools

What is PHP, and why do you need PHP tools?

PHP is a scripting language that generates variables from dynamic data. It does that to produce a powerful and optimized web page. It is very simple to learn, which is great for any beginner who is interested in web development.

When a user sees your PHP webpages, your webserver immediately evaluates the PHP code. After that, it decides what to show them. Most commercial servers, except a few free ones, support PHP.

That is one of the reasons why  PHP developers employ numerous services in their everyday work. Among them is the Emergency Recovery Script.

The 6 Best PHP Tools for Everyday Web Developers

1. Eclipse PDT

Eclipse Landing Page

Eclipse PDT is a fantastic web developer tool that beginner and professional web developers shouldn’t neglect. The great thing is that it can be used with PHP as well as with other solutions.

It is open-source software that is powerful and provides amazing features. That is because it uses a huge amount of bandwidth every developer needs when it comes to programming.

This tool’s best features include the capacity to analyze PHP code. Another feature you should not overlook is its power to use code and frameworks. One of the reasons so many developers like this tool is because it is completely free.


XAMPP Tool Landing Page

XAMPP stands for cross-platform. It is popular because it helps web developers in creating an engaging WordPress site. If you are looking to develop a site, you can do that on your computer’s localhost.

This fast and simple PHP tool operates on Windows, Linux, and Mac, which is a great framework to have. XAMPP is a free cross-platform web server, perfect if you are just starting out.

Some of the amazing features it has are the powerful server, comprehensive data, and strong processor.

3. Retrace

Stackify Retrace Tool Landing Page

Retrace is an excellent PHP tool. It is there to help you monitor development issues or problems you may come across while working on your website. It allows you to easily check the quality too.

This tool will make sure that your software improvement is on a high level. If you are a beginner programmer, it will make the task of programming smoother and faster.

It is one of the best tools for businesses and web developers who want to accelerate an application. With it, you can identify defects that are damaging your website.

When you solve those issues, it will improve site speed. It enables you to watch server capacity. If you are working on an important website, you can use and monitor critical program statistics.

4. New Relic

New Relic Tool Landing Page

New Relic is one of the best and most well-known APM tools on the market. It is many developers’ favorite tool as it covers a wide variety of programming languages.

Every developer wants to be sure that the programming is going smoothly. New Relic allows you to simply and quickly check the effectiveness of your programs while you are working on them.

It enables you to see the activity of smartphone platforms. It has a dynamic and clear dashboard that is easy to navigate. It has comprehensive system tracking and performance analysis that can help you know each step you take. New Relic is not a budget-friendly PHP solution, though.

5. Git

Git Tool Landing Page

Git is a free and open PHP platform used by many professional and non-professional web developers. It is popular because it can manage everything a web developer would need for successful programming.

Git is simple to understand and use, and because of that, even if you don’t have any developing experience, you can easily learn with it. It has a compact design and quick execution.

It offers features like affordable regional branching and straightforward transfer. Git supports and promotes the creation of several local branches. The great thing about that is that they are completely separate from one another.

You can create amazing websites and programs as it takes a few seconds to create and merge development files.

6. NetBeans

Apache NetBeans Tool Landing Page

One of the most used integrated development environments for constructing PHP apps is NetBeans. Web developers love it as it helps in the construction of PHP applications that are crucial for the work of any website.

It includes extensions for programming languages. It is available in a lot of foreign languages, which makes it easy to use for everyone around the globe.

There is a possibility to use it across different platforms and, with that, take your developing skills to another level.

In Conclusion

Because PHP is among the most widely used programming languages today, there are numerous tools available to make it easier to use.

In this article, you learned more about some of the strongest and most beneficial services that should make developing PHP applications significantly quicker.

Because the majority of mentioned tools are free, you can give them all a try. For optimal outcomes, you can combine multiple tools and if you do so make sure to use the Emergency Recovery Script too.