26 lectures from Netology on website creation and web design

Theory and practice for those who work with visual content: from the selection of illustrations and the creation of memorable presentations to the development of interfaces.

The speakers also talk about the profession of a web designer, about design in general, as well as about the development of their own design studio.

How to design an information architecture for a website

How to prepare a technical assignment for the development of a website

Features of designing interfaces for Smart TV

What to choose: responsive site or mobile version

How to adapt images for the mobile version of the site

How to create Customer Journey Mapping

How to do audience research

How to get rid of visual noise

How to open a web studio and make money on it

How to present a project to a customer

How to build a portfolio and find your dream job

How modular grids help users

How to work with a modular grid

Web designer: a creative profession for the free agent

How to find references for a website

Basic font types: Antique and Grotesque

How to write a resume for a designer

Presentation design as an art

How to find and fix web interface problems

Six tips for choosing illustrations

Sketching and prototyping

Web designer: a creative profession for the free agent

How to make sketches?

Course “Web designer: an effective website from idea to implementation”

Site as an interface for user interaction

The design of selling pages: how to increase the credibility of the site

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