20 video tutorials on color and color combination


20 video tutorials on color and color combination

A good color scheme is one of the most important elements of a quality design. Practice and good taste will teach you how to competently combine shades, place accents with color and create the desired contrast. Both the first and the second can and should be developed, no matter who says anything.

Today’s collection is aimed at understanding the basic rules of coloring and color combinations. You will learn about warm and cold colors, primary and secondary, correct combinations, and so on.

Color theory. Lesson 1

Color theory. Lesson 2

Color theory. Lesson 3

Color theory. Lesson 4

Color theory. Lesson 5

Color theory. Lesson 6

Color theory. Lesson 7

Color theory. Lesson 8

Color theory. Lesson 9

Color harmonies. Principles of harmonious color combination

A color scheme. Schemes. Cheat sheet for the artist

Color theory in infographics

Briefly about color theory

Layout and composition basics

Pantone Libraries in Graphic Design

Practical use of the Pantone library

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