2 design lectures


2 design lectures

2 lectures that will be useful for beginners and advanced designers.

Nikita Mikheenkov – “Development of a designer”

Lecture on the development of a designer: about self-education and your own plan that will lead to a profession and work. Specializations, possible places of work, ways to collect a portfolio of commercial works, internship opportunities and search for first orders are considered.

Sergey Yaitskiy – “Project Management in Design and Advertising”

– Conclusion of a contract. How to protect your interests.
– Planning. Basic time management tools.
– Briefing. We collect information from the client correctly.
– Workspace. Why desktop clutter isn’t a mistake. And vice versa.
– Research. Why even when creating a business card it is carried out.
– Strategy. Learning to look to the future.
– Development and creativity. Idea search tools.
– And giving up ideas. Why all ideas are bad.
– Healthy perfectionism. Learning to say “No”.
– Adjustments. Hate edits? You will love them!
– Protection. All laws of correct presentation.
– Manufacturing. About production.
– Implementation. We help the client to implement the design.

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