15 lectures to help the aspiring designer


15 lectures to help the aspiring designer

If you have chosen the path of design and are only mastering graphic editors, then it is high time to think about the application of the acquired skills.

Oddly enough, but without experience even in design – nowhere, and you can get it either working in a studio or as a freelancer. If everything is clear with the first, then with the second – the question: where to look for the first orders, how to form a portfolio, how to communicate with customers correctly?

If you decide to be a freelance designer, then this collection will be useful to you: you will learn about the rules for communicating with potential clients, how to protect copyrights, how to collect the first portfolio, what to do if the customer has cheated, and many other topics.

How and how to fill your portfolio?


I want to be a designer. What to do

Jana Frank: 365 days of a very creative person

What to do if the customer cheated


Who owns my works


How to protect copyright


Evaluate the entire volume of work

Do what you know

Send the cost within an hour

Don’t discount, give a bonus

Calculate strength is a sign of professionalism

Find out who the designer was before you

Designer profession

“Educational film”: Designers

Web Designer: The Creative Profession for the Free Man

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