13 Lectures for Designers with Dribbble Meetup 2016


13 Lectures for Designers with Dribbble Meetup 2016

On May 21, 2016, the @ Mail.ru office hosted an annual meeting of designers, illustrators and developers, where professionals shared their knowledge.

Topics of lectures by speakers

● Denis Shumov (M18): “Concept Contests”
● Andrey Gargul (Shopify): “Design of successful products. Shopify experience “
● Gleb Kuznetsov (Fantasy): “Inspiration (how to create something that did not exist yet)”
● Alexander Laguta (m2h): “Testing by battle. High quality feedback “
● Nikolay Berezovsky (Alpha-Laboratory): “Flinto master class”
● Rustem Musabekov (Raindrop): “Working on our own Raindrop product”
● Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk (Framer): “New version of Framer”
● Evgeny Dolgov (Mail.Ru Group): “Illustrations”
● Misha Petrik and Zhenya Yudin: “Pixel Art Mad Max”
● Sergey Andronov (Hungry Boys): “How to get on the FWA jury”
● Oleg Andrianov (VKontakte): “The subtleties of mobile development”
● Mikhail Ponomarenko: Calligraphy of the Dribbble Meetup logo
● Oleg Chulakov (Oleg Chulakov Studio): “Interface animation”

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