10 best Apple Watch apps for designers


10 best Apple Watch apps for designers

Translation of a selection of the best apps on Apple Watch from Creativemarket.com.

Apple Watch is already available, and if you are one of the lucky owners of smartwatches, then you will be interested in a selection of 10 apps for them that are useful for designers.

Adobe color cc

Identify colors from a photo, match similar ones and make palettes – good old Adobe Color on Apple Watch.

Abobe creative cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud lets you browse the community and chat on your smartwatch.


Incoming messages and notifications from Behance now come directly to your wrist, and you can also control the presentation via AirPlay.

Pic sketcher

Take a photo on iPhone and edit on Apple Watch.

Pro Camera 8

With this app, you can use your Apple Watch as a “remote control” and even as a remote viewfinder.

Design hunt

Use Design Hunt as a job manager or motivation tool.


This application allows you to share images with attached songs and track the reaction of other users.


The popular task management app allows you to create and edit a convenient schedule and to-do list right on your Apple Watch.

Hours Time Tracking

Need to set aside time for each client? Hours Time Tracking will help you with this, and right now it’s free.


If you use Trello, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the Apple Watch app. You can add maps and view existing ones, as well as receive notifications.

Translated by: Vasily Fedotovsky
Cover photo: Canadapanda / Shutterstock.com

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